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Nguyen Thi Dep was on the front lines during the Vietnam War — but she was fighting a different kind of battle. She was trying to keep her family alive and prevent them from slipping into poverty. Her four younger sisters and ill father all depended on her to provide for them. At that time, she was in her early 20s and eager to find work. Dep found a job at a U. Army base in Saigon, South Vietnam. There, she worked as an office cleaner and was soon promoted to phone operator because she spoke English. Their relationship evolved into a romantic one, and Dep became pregnant with their.

After the U. Joe left the country when Dep was only two months pregnant. When her daughter, Phuong Mai, turned 3, Dep started becoming more anxious about her child's safety. She was hearing rumors that communist troops were targeting biracial children because they considered them to be the children of traitors.

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Dep made an excruciatingly painful decision. In Aprilshe took her daughter to an orphanage and dropped her off. She still remembers that last cry from Mai. Dep knew her daughter would be part of Operation Babyliftin which the U. Beyond that, Dep didn't know where exactly Mai would end up.

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That uncertainty haunted her. Years later, when tensions calmed in Vietnam, Dep relentlessly searched for her daughter. She sent letters to adoption agencies and Joe to ask for their help. Many of her letters came back unopened. Desperate, Dep shared her story with Vietnamese media, hoping someone would be able to help her.

It took some time, but someone finally did. Through some clever online sleuthing and a lucky break on the genetic matching site ancestry. It was this amazing surprise that I had not expected.

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Leigh, 48, lives in a quiet suburb near Portland, Maine with her husband and three children. She first arrived to a home in Bridgewater, Massachusetts as a toddler named Mai. Leigh was the name given to her by her adoptive parents.

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My mother was an art teacher. And we had the typical, normal life," Leigh said. Leigh knew almost nothing about her birth parents. She didn't think it was possible to find them. But when Leigh was 22, she went to see "Miss Saigon," a musical about a Vietnamese woman and an American soldier who fall in love and have a son, only to be tragically separated.

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Soon after that moment, relations between Vietnam and the U. Leigh saw that as an opportunity to travel to Vietnam to try to find her biological mother. But she didn't have any luck. He helped find Leigh's mother and half-sister.

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So for the first time ever, Leigh called her biological mother, Nguyen Thi Dep, on the phone. During that call, Dep asked her daughter a question that's been on her mind for more than four decades: "did you have a good life? Both mother and daughter met in person shortly after that first call, when Leigh and her family visited Vietnam in November. Leigh remembers the anticipation before finally meeting her mother for the first time. I felt like I owed this woman my life," she said. They gave each other a hug the moment they saw each other.

Both were visibly shy. Close close Donate. Listen Live: 1A. Close Close.

Looking for a daugher

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