Visiting in may what should i do ladies

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As a bonus, you will also learn some general travel tips including safety precautions such as using anti-theft products like this that can help you feel less stressed during your travels. Please use the visuals in this post as a guideline to help you choose corresponding items based on your own style and clothing preferences. Fashion in Italy is the same as other parts of the world. There are a variety of Italian attire style preferences to reflect the tastes of different personalities.

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The main difference between Italian fashion and the styles reflected in other countries is that clothing in Italy generally tends to cater to a more fitted, tailored appearance. A tailored look is the true secret to the Italian everyday fashion observed by visitors.

Many travelers prefer to avoid traditional tourist clothes when traveling in order to blend in with the locals. Milan and the north of this beautiful country have a very fashionable and sometimes over-the-top style. In Venicethe weather might dictate the clothing over trends. Rome and the south have more local trends and traditions. As with most destinations, practical sense applies.

Always, always, always check the weather forecast before your trip. Nothing will ruin your trip faster than being unprepared with the wrong clothing for the weather. One unexpected issue that many travelers discover once they get to Europe are the cobblestone streets. Depending on the city, these streets can also be hilly, slippery when wet, and uneven.

Read this post about the how to choose the best walking shoes for Europe. Touristy cities like Venice or Rome are made for walking, so be sure to choose comfortable shoes. Consider waterproof leather boots for the colder months and simple, comfortable, canvas shoes for the warmer months. Pack a pair of dressy shoes as locals like to dine out with style and elegance. Opt for wedges or ballet flats. Italian spring is beautiful—you can spot flowers and green everywhere.

I consider spring the best season to plan a trip to Italy, as the temperatures are more moderate compared to summer. Spring in Italy can be unpredictable.

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Checking the weather forecast before any trip is always recommended. With fluctuating weather in the months of spring, layers are an absolute must! For example, what to wear in Italy in May will be different from what to wear in Italy in April. Always choose 10 to 15 items of clothing that can mix and match. This should include two outer layers that can be worn together to protect you from the elements.

Clothing should also be versatile and work for all of your trip activities. Choose fabrics appropriate for the weather. See suggested spring Italy packing list below. Jeans are a must, along with skirts in light fabrics. Choose one of these stylish travel raincoats for women to keep you dry! Recommended accessories include a scarf for cold mornings, jewelry remember not to take expensive piecesand sunglasses. A sun hat is recommended but not essential. As with your clothes, plan your shoes based on the weather and your planned activities. Choose no more than two to three pairs of shoe in neutral colors that can mix and match with all your clothing.

Make sure your sightseeing shoes are broken in properly.

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Opt for a pair that is comfortable and you can wear it for hours without discomfort. Popular styles include light brogues, sneakers Supergas are very popular or waterproof shoes are essential. Note that the best waterproof shoes are not made out of rubber; instead choose leather ankle bootswhich are the best shoe option for travel to Europe in spring. While not recommended for all day sightseeing, ballet flats are also a good option should you want a dressier pair of shoes on your trip for warmer days or evenings.

Alternatively, being closed toe wedges for a dressy alternative. Not only is the heat strong but the air can feel muggy and humid. Tropical-type showers may occur in some areas such as Venice. For example, what to wear in Italy in June will be pretty similar to your July and August wardrobe. Be careful to protect yourself during the hottest hours of the day by wearing sunblock and a sun hat.

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When deciding how to dress in Italy in the summer, dress comfortably with loose and light clothes. Light dresses might be the most comfortable this time of year, particularly in places such as Rome where the heat can feel unbearable. Skirts, capris, or dressy shorts are essential; a nice top or a dressy blouse and a hat will complete the look. Choose light colored clothing to avoid scorching in the blaring heat. Cotton, linen, and rayon fabrics are best. If you go to the seaside, pack a colorful bikini.

Make sure you are not wearing revealing clothing when you visit religious sites. Opt for a midi or maxi dress below your knees and a light wrap that you can place around your shoulders for coverage when needed.

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Planning to visit religious sites? Find out what to wear to the Vatican! Always choose ten-fifteen items of clothing that can mix and match. See suggested summer Italy packing list below. Pack a pair of comfortable summer sandals or canvas sneakers for all-day sightseeing and a pair of open-toe heeled wedges for a fancy night out. In summer, many events are outside as many venues have gardens and al fresco spaces with evening cocktail parties and happy hours.

These are the best times to wear your favorite cocktail dress and enjoy the summer breeze.

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Pack a light jacket and cardigan for cooler days and evenings. This is a selection of the best sandals for travel in summer — our top recommendation for a summer trip to Italy! Tailored, smart shorts not baggy cargo shorts paired with stylish sneakers like these shown above are acceptable in hot weather.

Autumn does not differ much from spring. In the plains in the north of Italy, you can experience foggy days, which are quite fascinating in cities like Venice or Milan. In September and autumn, you should pack the same items mentioned in the spring section above. These two seasons are similar and the only variations may be an umbrella and trench coat. Layers are essential especially as the weather begins to cool. The key colors of the season are brown, purple, gray, and black, but you can always choose lighter colors to provide relief from warmer weather.

When in doubt, plan a monochrome travel wardrobe consisting of mostly black, a stunning handbag, and silk printed scarf. See suggested fall Italy packing list below. Follow this easy packing solution when traveling in between seasons! Choose no more than two-three pairs of shoe in neutral colors that can mix and match with all your clothing.

Visiting in may what should i do ladies

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