Wrap your lips or legs around this ladies

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And chances are, no one could have known we would get something as honest, angry and -- occasionally -- weird as this. The visual album is both an ode to black women and a deeply personal love story, told in 11 equally earnest chapters. Some chapters screamed "I came to slay, bitch. The setting of Chapter 1 looks like it's somewhere in the south, with a group of black women in Southern gothic clothing, looking at the camera. There are no men, which is very, very deliberate as she speaks from the perspective of a woman questioning not only the trustworthiness of her partner, but men in general.

But doors lead to trap doors. A stairway le to nothing. Unknown women wander the hallways at night. Where do you go when you go quiet? Y ou remind me of my father, a magician, a ble to exist in two places at once.

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I n the tradition of men in my blood you come home at 3 a. What are you hiding? The past and the future merge to meet us here. Later, she stands at the edge of a building, seemingly about to end her own life Rather, her flight off the rooftop lands her in a bedroom completely submerged underwater, looking to escape as she speaks about the sacrifices she's made and the lies she told herself in a relationship. I tried to change, closed my mouth more, t ried to be soft, prettier, less awake.

Fasted for sixty days, wore white, abstained from mirrors. Abstained from sex, slowly did not speak another word. In that time my hair I grew past my ankles. I slept on a mat on a floor. I swallowed a sword, I levitated into the basement I whipped my own back and asked for dominion at your feet.

I threw myself in a volcano. I drank the blood and drank the wine But still inside me coiled deep was the need to know Are you cheating on me? She does leave, and steps out on to a sunny city street and into the reggae-tinged cheeriness of "Hold Up. But like "Hold Up" is a very, very angry song disguised as a upbeat reggae ditty, you get the feeling there's a lot more simmering underneath. Which brings us to Anger. We see a group of women dancing in a circle and then there's Beyonce, standing in a parking garage with two other women, wearing a fur coat and looking well, angry, as voiceover Bey talks about the other woman:.

If this what you truly want. I can wear her skin over mine. Her hair, over mine, h er hands as gloves, h er teeth as confetti, h er scalp a cap, h er sternum, my bedazzled cane. We can pose for a photograph, a ll three of us, i mmortalized. Then comes the screaming fit that is "Hold Up," a ferocious rock track featuring Jack White. It was right around this moment that Twitter collectively freaked out wondering if Lemonade was Beyonce's grandiose way of saying "I want a divorce. But this isn't just about a relationship, as she uses audio from a speech by Malcolm X to make a bigger statement: "The most disrespected woman in America is the black woman.

The most unprotected person in America is the Wrap your lips or legs around this ladies woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman. So what are you gonna say at my funeral now that you've killed me? Here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart I broke without a gun to my head. Here lies the mother of my children both living and dead, Rest in peace my true love, w ho I took for granted, m ost bomb pussy, w ho because of me, sleep evaded.

Her shroud is loneliness, h er God is listening. Her heaven would be a love without betrayal. Serena Williams is there, twerking at Beyonce's side in a black bodysuit. There's a party bus with a stripper pole.

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Oh, and "Sorry" is the fiercest kissoff we've seen from Bey so far. Like, she literally sings "suck my balls. There are moments in this chapter that look straight out of True Detective season 1. Beyonce in a red dress, surrounded by fire, staring into the distance with Mad Max -esque headpiece. It's by far the most ominous part of Lemonadeas the camera cuts to a long, empty hallway with blood-red lights, zooming ever so closely to the light at the end of it, as she continues her monologue:.

She sleeps all day, dreams of you in both worlds Grief, sedated by orgasm. Orgasm heightened by grief. God was in the room when the man said to the woman, "I love you so much, wrap your legs around me and pull me in, pull me in, pull me in. Her hips grind. Pestle and water, cinnamon and gloves. Whenever he pulls out, lost. Dear moon we blame you for floods, for the flush of blood.

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For men who are also wolves. We blame you for the night, for the dark, for the ghosts. Then she struts into "Six Inch," a new kind of feminist anthem featuring the Weeknd, about a stripper who has stacks on stacks of money, and for good reason: "She's worth every dollar and she's worth every minute. Did we ever think Beyonce, provider of "Single Ladies," giver of "Run the World," would make a country song?

Well, she did, with "Daddy Songs," a song about her relationship with her father -- one that has been known to be rather turbulent. It features vintage home footage of a young Beyonce with him as she sings in a fabulous dress that looks made for Texas royalty. Mother dearest let me inherit the Earth. Teach me how to make him beg. Let me make up for the years he made you wait. Did he bend your reflection? Did he make you forget your own name? Did he convince you he was a god? Did you get on your knees daily? Do his eyes close like doors? Are you a slave to the back of his hand?

Am I talking about your husband or your father? He bathes me until I forget their names and faces. I ask him to look me in the eye when I come Why do you deny yourself heaven? Why do you consider yourself undeserving? Why are you afraid of love?

You think it's not possible for someone like you. But you are the love of my life. Love of my life, the love of my life, the love of my life. This chapter could have just as easily been set to "Down to the River to Pray," as Beyonce walks with a group of black women along a shore in white. They stand holding hands, holding them up. But instead, it's set to "Love Drought," a song about love that could "move a mountain," "calm a war down," "make it rain now. The Beyhive likely took a huge sigh of relief when Jay Z, the man who had just 10 minutes ago likely been one of the most hated men on Twitter, showed up as Beyonce performed "Sandcastles," a song about trying again.

Baptize me. Now that reconciliation is possible, i f we're gonna heal, let it be glorious.

Wrap your lips or legs around this ladies

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