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When a person is seriously injured and comes to Craig Hospital, the goal is to help that person achieve their highest level of independence and life quality.

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In fact, every patient is enrolled in an hour-long sex-education class patients can opt-out and those under 18 need parental approval. Craig is one of the only rehabilitation facilities to offer a sex-education class for spinal cord injury patients and their loved ones.

During the one-hour class, patients begin to learn how they can be intimate again after their injury.

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Avery begins his class with redefining what romance means and what it means to have an open line of verbal communication with partners. For some, just holding hands is a romantic gesture that means more now than ever before. There are also emotional concerns. Avery says that oftentimes patients are intimidated to ask questions in the class, but many come up to him after the class to ask questions or they schedule private meetings with him to explore these topics with their partner.

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Regan Linton, a Craig graduate who sustained a T4 spinal cord injury in from a car accident, attended the sex-education classes when she was at Craig. Regan started dating about three years after her injury.

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In the beginning, she said she had so much internal judgment, but soon realized that the judgment was stemming mostly from the fears and assumptions of other people, people who never had experienced paralysis. Regan now finds that sex can be fun, adventurous, frivolous, messy, tender, exploratory and more. It is about a multitude of things — emotional and physical. It is not black and white. The human body is very colorful and you have to be open to it. I have deeper sensations and have discovered the power of the brain in sexuality.

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People have the ability to connect through all sorts of pathways when being intimate. Going through a life-changing injury enables people to talk about their bodies.

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Regan agrees. We are not going to break but we are still emotionally vulnerable.

Craig sex dating

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Let’s talk about Sex, Wheelchairs, and Romance!