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Mylan confirmed to WAJR Friday that about 15 percent of their Morgantown workforce will be laid off, which is more than employees. Following the layoffs, we will remain one of the largest employers in West Virginia with approx. We believe our plant in Morgantown is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in the world. The right-sizing is consistent with discussions we are having with the U.

Food and Drug Administration and is necessary in order to position the site as best we can for continued operations. We remain committed to a U. S in the U. For nearly 60 years, Mylan has been a proud corporate citizen in West Virginia, and we remain so today. Mylan confirmed that some employees will have recall rights.

The company will offer a buy-out package to more senior members.

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The of employees who could return will be contingent on how many employees voluntarily accept the buy-out package. The layoffs will primarily occur in operations. Friday morning.

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More, what was the rationale? When they reference the FDA, what do we need to do?

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What has to happen with that? Is this just an FDA issue?

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There is an exception in the WARN Act for layoffs ing between 50 and employees, but comprising of less than 33 percent of the work force of the entire plant. This is the third round of cuts to employees at Mylan since cuts were first announced in December

Need to get laid in Morgantown

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