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Thursday morning the jury will hear closing arguments from the prosecutors and all four defense attorneys before beginning deliberations. But the jury will consider only half of the six charges after the state and Circuit Judge Jill Ayers agreed to drop charges of aggravated sexual assault due to a lack of evidence presented in the trial.

Derek M. Vicchitto, Matthew Lee Reynolds, Alphonso Richardson and Cynthia Dianne Skipper are all charged with murder, murder carried out during a kidnapping and especially aggravated kidnapping in the June beating death of Beck, 39, at the home they shared at Wilson Court. State drops sex battery charges in BDSM murder case.

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Earlier Tuesday, a "mistress" who once "owned" Beck testified for the prosecution and said the four-hour beating that claimed Beck's life is unacceptable in the the BDSM bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism community. Twila Ours, 47, of Clarksville, who insists she isn't a dominatrix because she doesn't get paid to punish her submissives, testified for the prosecution Wednesday against the four people charged with murder in Beck's beating death.

She said Beck served as her slave for about six months until Beck moved in with another mistress, Skipper, and became a house slave at Skipper's home on Wilson Court just a couple of months before her death.

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You don't want to damage the property and it wind up in the hospital or, like in this case, dead. Another roommate in the Wilson Court home, Kristin Wilkerson, testified Tuesday that Reynolds and Richardson hit or kicked Beck more than 60 times and revived her after she passed out, only to string her up by a cord in the ceiling and continue beating her until she died. She testified Skipper gave the order for the punishment and Vicchitto participated by striking Beck with a flogger. She said all but Richardson stopped after the third time Beck passed out but Richardson continued to use a steel pole like a bat, hitting Beck 10 to 12 times.

Medical examiner David Zimmerman testified Wednesday that Beck suffered 13 broken ribs, a broken sternum, lacerations to her liver and damage to her small intestine. There also were bruises and abrasions from her scalp to the soles of her feet.

All together, multiple blunt-force traumas contributed to her death, along with strangulation, Zimmerman said.

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She also had heavy internal bleeding. On cross-examination he said some of the bruises could have been there before the final beating that killed her.

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Ours was the first witness called Wednesday and was asked to explain the BDSM lifestyle to the jury of eight men and six women. She said she knew Beck for five years but most of that was only as a friend. Eventually Beck became Ours' slave and when Ours' daughter was having surgery, Ours loaned her to Skipper because that's where her daughter lived and the place needed to be cleaned.

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She said Beck came back to her but then went back to Skipper, despite telling her that she had been chained to table legs and put in a freezer while staying at the Wilson Court home. One day she showed up at Ours' home with a police officer and Vicchitto to get her belongings, including the debit card where her monthly disability payments were applied.

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Before that, Ours had controlled Beck's money. Later, Skipper did. Ours said she did not know why Beck told police she was scared of her and warned the officer that she was worried about Beck going back to Wilson Court.

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State likely to rest case this afternoon against 4 charged with murder of "house slave. Defense attorneys said in court Tuesday that Beck wanted to be beaten, but the incident that killed her went too far and was accidental. Jury to get 'house slave' slaying case Thursday.

In house slave wanted

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