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The Ohio State University. COLUMBUS, Ohio — Men may think about sex more often than women do, but a new study suggests that men also think about other biological needs, such as eating and sleep, more frequently than women do, as well. And the research discredits the persistent stereotype that men think about sex every seven seconds, which would amount to more than 8, thoughts about sex in 16 waking hours. Young women in the study reported a median of nearly 10 thoughts about sex per day.

The college-student participants carried a golf tally counter to track their thoughts about either eating, sleep or sex every day for a week. Each student was ased to just Ladies looking real sex Fisher type of thought to record. Before receiving the tally counter, they had completed a of questionnaires and were asked to estimate how often they had daily thoughts about eating, sleeping and sex. The study appears online and is scheduled for publication in the January issue of the Journal of Sex Research.

The study involved female and male college students between the ages of 18 and 25 who were enrolled in a psychology research participation program. Of those, 59 were randomly ased to track thoughts about food, 61 about sleep and about sex. Most students were white and self-identified as heterosexual. The college-student sample made it comparable to research and involved an age group at which gender differences in sexuality are likely at their peak. Before the thought-tracking began, the participants completed a of questionnaires.

These included a sexual opinion survey to measure a positive or negative emotional orientation toward sexuality erotophilia vs. They also were asked to estimate how many times in an average day that they thought about sleeping, eating and sex.

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Researchers then gave each student a tally counter device and told those ased to the sexual thoughts condition to click the device to maintain a count their of thoughts about sex. They were told to count a thought about any aspect of sex: sexual activity of any kind, fantasies and erotic images, sexual memories and any arousing stimuli.

Others were instructed to use the device to record thoughts about eating that included food, hunger, cravings, snacking or cooking, and thoughts about sleep that included dreaming, sleeping, napping, going to bed or needing rest. However, the about these additional thoughts provided important information about differences in thinking among males and females.

This suggests males might be having more of these thoughts than women are or they have an easier time identifying the thoughts. In raw s, male participants recorded between one and daily thoughts about sex, compared to the range of female thoughts about sex of between one and times per day. And there were no women who reported zero thoughts per day. The questionnaire data offered some additional clues about the influences on Ladies looking real sex Fisher thoughts.

When all participants were analyzed together, those measuring the highest in erotophilia — or comfort with their sexuality — were the most likely to think more frequently about sex. But when the analysis considered males and females separately, no single variable — erotophilia score, unrestrictive attitudes about sex or a lack of desire to be socially acceptable — could be defined as a predictor of how often men think about sex. But for women, the erotophilia score remained a good predictor of more frequent sexual thoughts.

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On the other hand, women who scored high on the desire to be socially acceptable were more likely to think less frequently about sex. Both have since graduated. Written by Emily Caldwell, ; caldwell. Lane Ave. Terri Fisher The college-student participants carried a golf tally counter to track their thoughts about either eating, sleep or sex every day for a week.

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Sex Differences in Response to Visual Sexual Stimuli: A Review