Need your soft hands

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I love discovering and sharing DIY beauty tips, especially all-natural solutions that you can easily make at home. Get soft, youthful and beautiful hands that everyone wants to touch, at home with simple home remedies. Lots of tips, too! Image of hand courtesy of "marin", freedigitalfotos.

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The skin on our hands takes the brunt of every chore—from taking care of the kids to washing dishes to weeding the garden. To make things worse, these tasks mean that you have to wash your hands frequently. All of this daily wear inevitably le to your hands looking as though they belong to someone older than you really are. The soaps and other cleaning products we use today can cause your hands to look discoloured, wrinkly, and rough.

Use these three extremely easy home remedies to get back the soft hands you once had! Q: What is the easiest Need your soft hands remedy for soft hands? A: Why, olive oil and sugar, of course! Is it possible to soften your hands in less than a minute? Oh, yes it is! After a long day of work, why not give your hands instant pampering and refreshment?

This wonderfully simple scrub will leave your hands feeling ten times smoother in just a minute. The ultimate deep-action overnight treatment for dull tired hands! Wake up to beautiful soft palms the next day. Photos courtesy of freedigitalfotos. All collages created and edited by he. Want to give your hands some extra special love? Why not try an overnight intense softening treatment using only two items:. Vaseline is known for its ability to lock in moisture and soften even the most callous palms. Many women mention Vaseline as their one beauty secret. After finishing all your activities for the day, wrap up by washing your hands with gentle soap and drying them off.

Then get a dollop of Vaseline and rub it into your hands. Go ahead and take an extra 30 seconds to massage your hands gently. Then simply slip the socks over your hands and go to bed. Wake up the next day to supple, soft hands. Tired, dull and discoloured hands? This is the perfect homemade remedy for you.

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Are your hands dark, discoloured, and aged-looking? Use citrus to lighten them while softening your palms. How does citric acid and baking soda mix?

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Baking soda is basic, and citrus is acidic. I will give a try. I really have rough hand, when ever you want shake hand with other it's embarrassing. I just tried the first one, and I love it!!!! Thank you!!!! Thanks so much,cos with your tips,u had saved many 4m worries. I will try all,cos d dryness of my palms bothers me alot. These are great tips, thanks! Keeping your hands soft and moisturized can also make it harder to get cuts or lacerations when doing intensive hand work like gardening.

I hope this thing workz 4 me cause i hate how hard my palm gets,it made me not to lyk shaking nd Need your soft hands hands with my girl I wonder if this will work for me because my hands were never soft. It's embarrassing when i have to hold hands with a new boyfriend. My daughter is 11 years old and she cried one time saying that some kids at school say she has granny hands. My mom has these rough hands and i guess i passed them over to my daughter. I will try it and i hope it will reverse my "naturally rough hands". I love this hub.

Thanks for all the great ideas. This winter has been extremely tough on my hands. Making them dry and cracked.

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I am going to be trying these remedies. Vaseline is the only thing that works for me. Haven't tried them on overnight though, wonder if that'll be annoying.

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Hello miss healthmunsta. I try your remedy mixture on my hands. I love it. My hands feel smooth and some of the swelling reduce. Thank you. Have a nice time writing.

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I mix sugat, lemon and honey. ThenI used olive of oil after I washed them. Then, Iwashed more with a bar soap. I used a hand cream after. Wonderful hub! I believe that many of our plants have healing substances for our human needssomethings are so simple and easy to get and apply. I love olive oil it is valuable, honey, and lemon, also ,if you get sick with the flew just make you lemon tea.

I learned that germs can not thrive in citrus acids, that is why people take a lot of vitamin c, or drink plenty of orange Juice. Thank you and I will continue to read your informative wonderful hubs. In the winter months especially just finished applying some I slather on lotions to keep dry skin at bay. I will be giving some of these a try. I know I will adore the one with lemon as I am intoxicated by its aroma. Thank you for writing a great hub on how to make our hand healthy and soft.

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I like your hub. You are wonderful and thoughtful. Thank you for spending the time to figure out the rigth ingridients for each formula. I try sugar and bar soup. Then I applied some hand cream. Vaseline does wonders to the skin. Lemonit is not a bad idea. Great tips! Easy to do that you cam make at home. I'm going to try the first two in the near future. Easy to try as we have usually all these things in our homes. Will definitely try the olive oil and sugar. Great tips!!! Hadn't thought of olive oil and sugar but I'm definitely mixing that up today!!

Great article! Thank you for sharing these simple tips. I get frustrated with how dried out my hands become during the winter and how hand cream doesn't always help. I always use olive oil whenever I want to get the right moisture and smoothness of my skin. This works best after a good hand spa and you might want to sleep on it with let's say, cotton-like hand-gloves so that the skin will absorb the olive oil's nutrients. It's the the petroleum jelly effect for the feet but Need your soft hands we are going to use olive oil on our hands.

I ve a little pigmentation on my cheeks n upper lips how to get rid of this problem kindly suggest. Hair Coloring. Acne Care. Eye Makeup Products. Face Makeup Products. Lip Products. Eyebrow Grooming. Oral Hygiene. Fashion Accessories. Ingredient Purpose Olive oil Moisturizes and hydrates skin cells.

Need your soft hands

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How to Get Soft Hands