Nsa lets get straight to the Capitan New Mexico

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The episode has somewhat of a difficult task: tackle the fact that Bishop Emily Wickersham is being accused of leaking NSA documents, explain her not-that-recent very odd behavior, and advance the serial killer case Gibbs and Marcie Pam Dawber have been investigating.

It does just that before ending on quite the … explosive note. The third gets away. Vance Rocky Carroll wants answers: they were supposed to just be doing an undercover gun buy.

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Things went awry, they explain to the director. But the good news is they trace calls made by the men Bishop killed to a landline.

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At the house, they find weapons stashed in a crawl space — along with NSA documents detailing an op where the U. But who leaked those files? Could it be the arms dealers were planning to blackmail Bishop?

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The data was leaked 10 years ago before they were in the picture. I did it.

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I leaked the file. She quits, too! The NSA program was wrong, she tells him. They used innocent people to go after terrorist leaders, and while there was a source claiming those refugees were foreign fighters, that person was unreliable.

She regrets not leaking the documents sooner.

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Still, McGee wants to help her and turns to Gibbs for advice. The team can, however, continue to work the case, and they do track down that third arms dealer, who, after some sly work by Knight in interrogation, admits the stolen guns are his — but the NSA file is not.

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So whose is it? That answer comes soon after Bishop talks to Gibbs for the last time? Just how much does he know? Taylor — finally! He put the pieces together and tracked Bishop there. How are you doing, Ellick fans? Marcie finds a pattern with the serial killer she and Gibbs are investigating: a victim is killed every days.

Though Gibbs wants her to leave the case alone, she, too tracks down the potential fourth victim, to the boat likely used to dump her body. And so Gibbs paints Rule 91 on it.

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The season ends with Gibbs on the water, in his boat heading to check out the area where those pine cones are located? Meredith Jacobs May 25, pm. We break it down below. NCIS where to stream Subs. Powered by.

Nsa lets get straight to the Capitan New Mexico

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