Going to Utah want to come along

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We want our team to focus on the game and not be distracted. Defense: When the Utes are playing defense, be as loud as possible!!!!!

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We want to confuse the opposing team and make their members lose concentration. The goal is to make the opposing team false start multiple times throughout the game!

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To form the U, bend your middle and ring fingers and hold them with your thumb. Your pointer finger and pinkie finger should still be straight.

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Free food is provided to all MUSS members. There is a raffle at every tailgate for two sideline passes.

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The winners of these passes get to stand on the sidelines during an entire football game. Throw Up your U: When Utah is making a free throw, you place your thumbs together and extend both pointer fingers—this makes the shape of a U. Our gang, it is the jolliest that you have ever seen.

Our yell, you hear it ringing through the mountains near and far.

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Chorus: Who am I, sir? Verse: Usually not sung at games And when we prom the avenue, all lined up in a row, and arm in arm and step in time as down the street we go. When a free throw is made: "Stomp, stomp, clap, clap" and chant "Utes" 3-Point Jump" When the Utes make a 3-point shot jump and yell until the Utes get the ball back.

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Going to Utah want to come along

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