In town for a month looking some fun

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A collaboration between Steggles and Fat Mum Slim. Steggles is encouraging us all to spend more quality time together.

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They know how stressful our lives can be, and want to make life easier and more fun for us, so that we can make more time for quality family time. They want to help us connect, to laugh, to chat over dinner, and to just have fun together.

Simply share a photo of your quality family time on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags stegglerfor and qualitytime. I have 10 Hoyts family passes up for grabs so that you can sit back and relax as a family and enjoy a movie over the school holidays. Head over to Instagram or Twitter and share a photo today. You can play SNAP!

You can swim, build sandcastles, or just totally chill out. We go super early to avoid that bright, cranky sun. Grab some bread rolls, bottles of water, salad and some chicken teriyaki kebabs. All around the world little gems are being hidden, waiting for you to find them. Just pack a pen, a little notepad, and some little trinkets to put into the Geocache when you find it. My girls LOVE doing this! Let the kids go crazy.

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Best of all you get to eat your garden later. Check out this Playground Finderand check out a new one close to you. They loved the challenge! Stand in front of your family and talk about something, showing it off. We put on our gloves, crank some music and weed together as a family. They love the quality time together. Our local rink has free lessons on Saturday mornings, so check out your rink and see what they offer.

It will make a great talking point in your home. Find one near you and get together to collect some goodies from the garden. Let your tummy travel to Japan, Mexico, Malaysia or where ever your taste-buds take you!

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A little competitiveness between family members is always fun. Try camping as a family. It was and is so much fun! Turn your trash into art just by adding some glue, a bit of sparkle and a whole lot of creativeness. Head over to Instagram to share your photo. You May Also Like. How to get you child assessed for ADHD. June Photo A Day May Photo A Day Challenge. Newsletter Daily Updates.

In town for a month looking some fun

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