I want what i ve never had

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Deer Read full profile. Staying in your current job will not only continue to make you unhappy, but you are not realizing your full potential in life.

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How to Find Your Passion. Brock writes about productivity tips at Lifehack. Read full profile.

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As you likely know from personal experience, you can become so busy that you reach a tipping point…a point where your life tips over and falls apart because you can no longer withstand the weight of your commitments. A little self-assessment and some proactive schedule-thinning can prevent you from having that meltdown.

Occasional periods of rest are not unproductive, they are essential to productivity. Extended periods of non-stop activity result in fatigue, and fatigue in lower-quality output. As Sydney J. Harris once said. They simply know that you have no time to give them.

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If you constantly find yourself using meal times, car rides, etc. One of the surest s of an overloaded schedule is morning fatigue. Try these 5 Ways to Find Time for Exercise. A new day should hold at least a small level of refreshment and excitement. Scale back until you find that place again. And these articles to help you get unstuck: Advertising.

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Featured photo credit: Khara Woods via unsplash. Productivity Advertising. Jelly Deer Read full profile. Share Pin it Tweet Share. More by this author Jelly Deer.

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Read Next. Focus Productivity Advertising. Brock Henry Brock writes about productivity tips at Lifehack. What Is Block Scheduling? And How It Boosts Productivity.

I want what i ve never had

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“When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” –Unknown